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Warriors tricked Festus Ezeli into thinking he got cut


The Golden State Warriors are keeping it cool as they are trying to break the Chicago Bulls record of 72-10 from the 1995-96 season. Andre Iguodala decided to have a little fun with teammate Festus Ezeli with a day early April Fools’ Day prank. Ezeli hasn’t played since Jan. 25 as he underwent knee surgery but he could return next week.

Ezeli was riding in a Lyft — who was in on it with Iguodala — when the drive turned on the radio to a sports station and came on a report that Ezeli was going to be cut from Golden State. To say the least, Ezeli was confused by the report, but then Iguodala hopped on the radio to explain it was an early joke.

Ezeli was not too happy with what went down on his ride.