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Mavs Show Amore for Amar’e!

Amar'e and Dirk


cuban and dirk with trophy

Dallas’ latest major move shows the stark difference in how Cuban and his Mavs have upgraded since last Spring compared to how the World Champion San Antonio Spurs went about chasing a repeat NBA title this time around. Stir in soon-to-be-acquired (well past his prime) scoring forward Amare’ Stoudemire


(2nd highest paid player in NBA to Kobe, AS hauling down $23.4 in this last year of his Knicks contract, just bought out by the Knicks) to the Mavs mix (for a relative bargain of $477,150 for remainder of this season) and here’s who Dallas has brought in since losing to the Spurs in that wildly entertaining, oh-so-close (until game 7) seven game first round series:  Resigned heart and soul Dirk Nowitzki (He reportedly turned down multiple max money offers,

dirk and parsons

agreeing to a 3 year $25 million dollar deal, pays Dirk just $7.97 mill this season, allowing Mavs leadership to bring in these vital pieces: Chandler Parsons ($14.7M per season) Tyson Chandler ($14.5M per ) Rajon Rondo (half season left on his $12.9 M deal) Richard Jefferson ($1.49M)  J. J. Barea ($1.3M) and now Stoudemire.

Who did the Spurs bring in to improve the team and chase back to back NBA Championships for the first time in San Antonio’s franchise history?  Nobody.

duncan celebrates 5th

OK ,Pop and GM R.C. Buford brought back “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan for just this season at a ridiculously reasonable rate of just over $10 million dollars.  They also cycled through a couple of free agents to run up and down and experiment with.  Why not really roll the dice, pluck  a big name free agent or trade for an established role player or SOMETHING?  Is this more of the perceived San Antonio arrogance?  Just a function of the ceiling of a small market

big 3 celelbrate

franchise that fully understands how this payroll equation works or do they really, genuinely  have it all figured out and firmly believe this team is one of those rare collections of  transcendent talents where the sum is greater that it’s individual parts and…better than the sum of other teams’ individual parts?

Mavs fell far short, out in the first round last spring.  Owner Mark Cuban tasted the NBA’s “Nectar of the Rings” just four years ago and wants to chug it again.  Rick Carlisle won a title as a player (Celtics ’85-’86) and as the genius head coach who helped the Mavs stun LeBron and DWade in 2011.  Now he’s close to another, more focused than ever with a team being built to endure 4 grueling playoff series.  Dirk was the Finals MVP back in 2011, that urge to shine in June is powerful and clearly is driving him again too. The Mavs clearly have assembled championship pieces and did so prudently.  Dallas’ $76.2 million dollar payroll is just 9th overall, can frugal also be regal?  Will these Mavs band together and blend into a fierce force?

Problem is there 4 or 5 other teams that have the same lofty desires and lethal rosters.  Those defending champion Spurs are intact and finally totally healthy, who wants to get them in the first round?  The wicked West has it’s own plans, we’ll just have to watch it all unfold.

amar'e soaks in wine

Amore…Amar’e,   Suck it up and soak it in…the West is a no whine zone!