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Nate Robinson wants to try his hand at football

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is most notably known for playing his NBA ball with the New York Knicks, but since 2010-2015 he has played for seven teams and right now he is playing professional basketball in Israel. Him playing overseas is not the story but it is when Robinson said once he is done playing in Israael he wants to try his hand at the NFL.

Yes, the National Football League.

“The NFL’s after this,” Robinson said. “So, after I get back from playing out here, I’ma go get ready to train and get ready to go to the NFL.”

This is a very odd choice as Robinson is 31 and when we last saw him play in the NBA he looked liked he lost a few steps with the New Orleans Pelicans. He was considered a NFL prospect before he chose the NBA over the NFL.

Robinson played both ways in high school and was on the Washington Huskies football team where he played cornerback, so he has the experience of playing a fairly high level of football while at Washington.

You can check out his high school highlights right here.

Odds are Robinson never see’s even a min-camp with an NFL team this spring and summer.