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NBA High$ vs. Low$ – Bang/Bust for Bucks?

NBA High$/Low$ – Bang/Bust for Bucks?

As we continue to pound out a living at our places of business, I thought you’d get a kick out of this list of the NBA’s most over/under paid. This is not to say they won’t have the kind if season where they end up justifying the over payment OR couldn’t under perform to low that they end up beings busts, it’s just a subjective look at salary and performance/accomplishment so far in their careers.

AND, as always, hey I could be wrong!  Lol.



Tony Parker $12.5M  Spurs

Nic Batum $11.39M Blazers

Pau Gasol  $7.1M Bulls

Monta Ellis $8.7M. Mavs

Damian Lillard-$3.34M.Blazers

Klay Thompson $3.07M Warriors

Kawhi Leonard $3.05M Spurs

Andre Drummond $2.56M Pistons

DeMarre Carroll $2.5M Hawks

Kenneth Faried $2.37M Nuggets

Mason Plumlee $1.35M Nets.

Rudy Gobert $1.1M Jazz



Amare Stoudemire $23.4M Knicks

Chris Bosh – $20.6M.    Heat

Deron Williams – $19.7M   (Nets owe oft-injured PG $60M next 3yrs)

Rudy Gay $19.3M Kings

Gordon Hayward $14.7M Jazz

Josh Smith – $14M. Pistons

Gerald Wallace – $10.1M

Hornets Steve Nash $9.7M Lakers

Kendrick Perkins – $9.1M Thunder

Tayshaun Prince – $7.7M Grizzlies