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Reality Hits, Kobe Flips the Narrative

kobe with jersey roaraing

Admit it, even you most ardent of Kobe fans, it was getting painful to watch one of the most graceful yet hardened tough guys struggle mightily to approach what Kobe Bean Bryant’s always done so effortlessly. Dominate even against big odds.

kobe announces retire

Kobe thought he could tough his way through this somewhat swift decline in his overall talents.  Course you know the axiom that Father Time is undefeated.  As always, a game effort to shorten the recovery curve and literally turn back the hands of time and talent.  Rather than compete around the league as a lesser talent for a year or two more, Kobe cut to the chase.  “I”m done! I just don’t want to do this anymore.”

By ‘this’ Kobe didn’t mean compete against the best basketball players in the world, night in and night out, proving for all the world that he’s still among the top 3  best players of all time.  Kobe meant he can’t continue to chase his own shadow, his skill set reduced by several key tools.  Couldn’t masquerade in that #24 Lakers jersey.

Here’s what we remember so vividly.

So with one soul-bearing press conference and bitter realization that he couldn’t fake it anymore.  Kobe turned the tables on all the doubters and haters.  He’s always been deft at protecting and expanding his brand.  Mission accomplished.  He just saved the Lakers season, again. Now he can tour NBA arenas to cheers, tears and a chorus of “Thank You’s!”.

Bon Voyage Kobe!  Thanks for the crazy memories, if you want to create a few more on your farewell tour, go for it!