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NBA Insider Ric Bucher: Jazz Growing but West is Wicked

This final installment of my interview with Bleacher Report’s NBA Insider Ric Bucher is all about the young and feisty Utah Jazz.


Mercurial Cavs LBJ

Go figure this first week of the NBA season.  Knicks embarrassed in their home opener in the Garden, blown out and then some by a legit title contender (which the Knicks are not) the Chicago Bulls.   So the Knicks pack up their kicked backsides and jet right into the belly of the new


Re-evaluate in a month. Meantime NBA Insider Ric Bucher says Thunder A-OK?

Surgery for Westbrook: Re-evaluate in a month. Meantime NBA Insider Ric Bucher says Thunder A-OK?
Updated: November 1, 2014
Oklahoma Sooner or later the Thunder will strike NBA oil!  Western Conference Finalists 3 of the last 4 seasons, NBA Finals once.  So much talent, such a loud and loving fan base, a requisite Big 3 featuring

Gordie Chiesia, 2014-15 NBA season, NBA

Interview with Gordie Chiesa

Gordie Chiesa is a long time assistant coach in the NBA, most notably spending 16 years with the Utah Jazz, and he is currently a special consultant to Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn. Chiesa joins Tom Kirkland to discuss everything in the NBA as the season begins Tuesday night.
We have the video so everyone can watch this

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Chris Sheridan previews the 2014-15 NBA season

Chris Sheridan of joins Tom Kirkland to preview the upcoming NBA season to discuss LeBron James back to Cleveland, are the Chicago Bulls a contender and what to make of the Western Conference.
We have the video so everyone can watch this interview, but we also have the audio version to make things easier to consume our